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Amanda D'Elia


Taking the first initial step into therapy can be an intimidating one. I believe in creating a safe environment to foster growth, change and healing, which is beneficial in the therapeutic process. I also believe in the approach of building a strong therapeutic relationship based on trust, transparency, and understanding. I believe in the importance of recognizing how our thoughts impact our emotions and behaviors . In my work I utilize cognitive behavioral therapy, Dialectical behavior therapy and Acceptance commitment therapy.  I am grateful and honored to be able to help clients feel the beneficial components of hope, compassion and security that allows clients to work toward achieving goals and experience healing.

I work with ages 8 to midlife and have experience with OCD, anxiety, LGBTQIA+, anxiety related disorders such as GAD, somatic symptoms with illness, depression, low mood, personality disorders, co -occurring disorders,  ADHD, acceptance/trauma, eating disorders and substance misuse.

I cam currently available for telehealth appointments. I look forward to working together.

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