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Silke Davies


Greetings! Thank you for taking the first step into your wellbeing. 

I will provide you with a safe and nurturing place to express emotions in a judgement-free  environment with an open mind where we can develop mindfulness and self-care routines. I  believe that we can make a difference within your mental health if you are willing to work  together. This is a space where you should feel comfortable and safe within your experiences and  be open to new possibilities. 

I have experience in working closely with children, teenagers, young adults, and families. I will  provide you with assistance in anxiety, depression, grief, relationship concerns, or challenging  life conditions. We can work together in finding techniques to maintain and build a well balanced lifestyle. I have a very goal and solution-oriented approach to work with you on finding  a therapeutic experience that meets your specific needs, while building a trusting relationship we  will develop strategies to bring you to a positive mindset and ability to utilize the skills  developed in session, to outside experiences. 

I am available to see clients in person at our Highland Ave, Waterbury office or telehealth. I look  forward to hearing from you and getting started on our journey together.

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