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Yisroel “Mordy” Lyss


I have an eclectic approach toward therapy but identified early in my career that I am client-centered, and strength based. I believe every single person has the capacity to not only survive and "make it through" adversity but to thrive in life as well. I believe the key lies within each person's desire to grow, change, and flourish with their innate unique strengths, talents, and personalities. I have experience working with at-risk youth in a professional capacity, including internships in an adolescent partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient, and a residential drug rehabilitation program. I also worked in-home with adolescents working to help mend hurt pasts, create a healthier present, and work towards an even better and brighter future for themselves and their families. In outpatient settings, I have worked with clients from diverse backgrounds and ages, and factor in cultural differences in therapy to help ensure clients feel heard, open, and safe. I have years of casual volunteer experience with mentoring at-risk youth as well.


In addition to evidence-based training, including EMDR, 7 Challenges, and Multidimensional Family Therapy, I am also a certified hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, and incorporate guided imagery, deep breathing, and relaxation techniques to help people not only overcome obstacles, but also accept who they are, and their current life circumstances as well. My passion to help others is my drive, but my experience in watching others truly help themselves is my inspiration. If you want something better, then I can work with you to help you find the better that's already within you, and help you discover that all you need is all you are, and all you are is truly amazing.

"Therapy should not be theory-driven, but relationship-driven."
- Irvin Yalom

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