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Darian Coleman


I believe that every human being has the emotional need to be understood and validated. When we feel our emotional needs to be unfulfilled, we are often unable to be our genuine selves making us vulnerable to life stressors, impacting our relationships, and ultimately, preventing us from living a meaningful life.


I offer my clients a judgement-free environment to resolve their unmet needs and genuinely strive towards their personal goals, whether those personal goals are to improve relationships, managing mental health symptoms, or making peace with traumatic memories of the past.  “Things do not change; we change.” I believe in my client’s capacity to make transformative changes that can lead to progressive changes in their lives. I offer my clients a supportive environment where personal changes can be nurtured/encouraged and fostered into their “Ability to Act and Take Health Risk". 

I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY. I have over 18 years of working in many capacities with clients from the ages of 8 to 84 and I’ve worked with a diverse clientele. Clients who struggle with attentional issues, difficulties in developing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships, anger management, depression, anxiety, ptsd, schizoaffective, Asperger/autism spectrum disorder, alcohol/substance abuse, narcissism, borderline, anti-social behaviors, etc. I’ve had the opportunity of working with couples struggling with infidelity, communication, loss and grief, parenting, domestic violence, financial stress, career and school challenges, acculturation, etc. 

My approach is holistic and eclectic in that I draw from a wide range of approaches. Person Centered, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, REBT, SFBT, Reality Therapy, with additional integration of Mindfulness and MI.  I believe in looking through the world from my client’s “viewpoint”, as a means of using the best therapeutic approach.  

To just take the first step of considering getting involved in therapy is a powerful thing and I hope you recognize that. Whether you take the next step with me or someone else does not matter, just take it.

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