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Dawnna Mongkolsilapa

Patient Accounts Receivable Specialist


I am excited to join the WCT Team, I have worked in many different medical fields for 36 plus years. I feel that I need to be an advocate for patients in every way, it is of the upmost importance to me that they feel healthy, heard, and happy. It’s a dedication that I chose to do. I love being part of a team and more specifically like to jump in and help in anyway I can to make the day to day run smoothly. Acting as a liaison between the medical providers and our clients is the majority of my position here at WCT and I look forward to continuing to serve our clients with kindness , understanding and compassion.


I have a certificate in Medical Administration Assistant, pharmacy Technician and I am a notary.


In my spare time I love hanging out with family and friends. Especially girls' night. I’m a mother of 3 grown boys that keep me active. I love to travel and of course , shopping for shoes.

You can find me at the Bristol office, say "Hello!"

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